This information outlines the main hazards that golfers playing Blackthorn Wood Golf Complex may encounter. It does not contain a definitive list of hazards, as by the very nature of the game of golf it is impossible to eliminate risk entirely. INSURANCE Blackthorn Wood G.C advises all persons using our facilities to have their own personal sports insurance. In the event of that you cause damage or injury to property or persons while you are using Blackthorn Wood G.C’s facilities you are liable for any resulting legal action that may arise as a result of that accident or incident. ACCIDENTS AND EMERGENICIES All accidents and incidents must be reported to the Clubhouse Reception as soon after the accident/incident as possible so that any appropriate documentation can be completed: IN AN EMERGENCY ALWAYS PHONE 999 FIRST The emergency response operator will require the details below: Blackthorn Wood G.C, Corby Road, Cottingham. Post Code: LE16 8XJ Telephone: 01536 403119 GOLF COURSE HEALTH AND SAFETY INFORMATION POTENTIAL HAZARDS
 Driveway & Car park: When driving a vehicle particular care should be taken when arriving and leaving the premises. There is a 10mph speed limit which must not be exceeded; there are speed control bumps in place on the driveway. Please be aware of other vehicles and pedestrians at all times, especially when reversing.
 Please park in the car park in a courteous manner to other users and do not block any emergency entry or exit ways to the clubhouse. Golf Course: Blackthorn Wood Golf Course is a natural environment therefore please be aware that the conditions are constantly changing and be vigilant for any potential natural hazards that you may encounter when playing on the golf course.
 Adverse Weather: It is your responsibility and yours alone to be aware of any potential hazard to yourself from any adverse weather conditions that may occur when you are playing Blackthorn Wood G.C.
 You are advised to evacuate the golf course to the clubhouse if you believe that there is a risk to yourself from adverse weather especially in the event of lightning.
 Please Note: Whilst Blackthorn Wood Golf Course may not have been officially closed due to adverse weather, this does not mean it is necessarily safe to play and you must determine for yourself whether it is safe to do so in the prevailing conditions.
 Personal Safety: You are advised to exercise caution at all times and identify areas on the course where you may be at a potential risk of being hit by another golfer’s ball.
 There can be a risk of being hit by a stray ball on any part of the golf course and you should take particular care on all holes. Please be especially aware and read the danger signs at the 3rd, 5th,6th and 8th tee areas. It is important to ring the bell when you have left the 6th tee to alert golfers on the 5th tee it is safe to play the hole. Be alert to any golf ball ricochet from the pylon on the 3rd fairway, particularly on the 8th tee area.
 To help everyone avoid incidents when playing golf please adopt golfing etiquette by not playing a shot if there is any chance of injuring someone, always standing behind any golfer who is playing a shot and if you play an errant golf please shout “fore” to alert any other golfers of any potential danger from that shot. Animal Holes: Holes from burrowing animals (eg moles and rabbits) can cause sprained ankles or worse, please be aware especially in long grass that animal holes are a danger and you should take care when walking/playing the golf course for uneven ground or animal holes at all times. Wild Life: Golfers should make themselves aware that there is always a potential threat from wasps, bees and other biting insects. Adders are also present on the golf course and urgent medical advice should be sought if you suffer any venomous bite. Public Right Of Way: There is a public footpath that runs from the stile behind the 4th tee along the hedge line past the 4th green and exits the golf course behind the 4th green. Users of this public right of way have priority on the golf course at all times. If there are people using the right of way while you are playing the 4th hole please allow them to pass before you play any shot on that hole.

Steep Banks and Slopes: Care must be taken to avoid trips, slips and falls when standing on or walking near any banks or slopes on the golf course especially in wet or icy conditions. Ponds and Ditches: Ponds and ditches will have deep water and deep mud in them all year round . Do not try to retrieve lost golf balls in ponds or ditches if you are at any risk from falling into that hazard. Pond and ditch banks can appear to be dry and safe but can be deceptively treacherous. You are advised to stay well clear of all ponds and ditches wherever possible. Fertiliser and Chemicals: A notice of use will be in place at Reception and on the 1st tee when any fertiliser or chemicals are in use on the golf course. Avoid any oral contact with golf balls or anything else on the golf course when this notice is in place. Please wash your hands immediately after play. Footwear: Appropriate sports footwear, preferably golf shoes, must be worn on the golf course when playing golf to help avoiding slips. Green Staff: Green staff will be working on Blackthorn Wood Golf Course when play is in progress, including operating machinery. Green staffs working on the golf course have priority and right of way at all times, this should always be respected by golfers. GOLF RANGE AND TEACHING BAYS HEALTH AND SAFETY INFORMATION
 Please be aware that you are responsible for your own actions and any minors in your charge while using the golf range at Blackthorn Wood Golf Club. It is advisable that all persons using the facilities should have their own personal sports insurance.
 In the event that you cause damage or injury to property or persons while you are using the facilities at Blackthorn Wood Golf Club you and you alone are liable for any legal action that result from that incident.
 Personal Safety: Whilst a very rare situation, please be aware that while using or spectating on the Golf Range or Teaching Bays, you are at risk of being hit by mishit golf balls.
 Juniors: All children under the age of 16 years must be supervised by an appropriate adult at all times while on the premises. The supervising adult is responsible for the actions of any such minor during their time on the Golf Club premises. 
General Safety Rules: Walk on the green carpet when walking to and from your chosen practise bay. Stay well behind the painted white line at the back of each practise bay Do not enter a golf range bay while it is in use under any circumstances Do not run, shout or cause any disturbance that could affect or put off golfers practising and/or cause them to mishit a shot Do not engage in any dangerous practise such as taking a run up to hit a golf shot or partake in any other activity that could cause danger to you or others on the golf range Do not cross the white line at the front of your practise bay and walk onto the gravelled area or the grass on the range outfield to retrieve anything or pick range balls. Inform Reception if you need a club retrieving from the outfield Do not take part in any activity that is likely to result in a dangerous situation that could harm you or others around you. Teaching Bays: In addition to the general rules above, please follow all instructions given by the Golf Professional Coach. It is also important that not to indulge in private or unauthorised practise which could place the Coach or yourself at risk. FIRE PRECAUTIONS Smoking if only permitted in the designated areas
 No unauthorised electrical equipment or machinery may be operated on the premises
 No naked flames are permitted on the premises without a Hot Works Permit
 Do not block Fire Exits or leave Fire Doors propped open
 In the event of a Fire Alarm, all staff and visitors must assemble on the main Car Park. Do not attempt to leave by vehicle as this could delay the arrival of the emergency services
 The Fire Alarm is tested at 9am every Tuesday 
MONITORING Please be aware that Blackthorn Wood Golf Club operates a CCTV system for your safety. DISCLAIMER Blackthorn Wood Golf Club nor its owners or employees (including the Golf Shop) accept any liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to golfers, spectators, customers, property, vehicles and their contents and accessories or any other person or property whatsoever, whether caused by their negligence, breach of contract or in any other way whatsoever. 

 Thank you for reading our Health and Safety notes and enjoy your golf.